A Note About Moisture Content

Moisture content (MC) of air-dried slabs is roughly 14-16%. Hardwoods need to be dried to 8% in order to be worked. Some slabs will have a much higher MC as they’ve been cut within the last three years.

The rule of thumb is that it takes a slab one year per inch to dry outdoors; for instance, a 3"-thick stab would need to dry for three years to achieve a MC of 14-16%. Once it’s at this level, it should only take two weeks to drop to 8% in our kiln. If its MC is higher, it will take longer. Recently-cut slabs with a MC of 30% or higher can take up to two months.

When you purchase a slab, we will contact you promptly by phone to inform you of its MC and expected dry date. The kiln-dried process has been included in the price of your slab.